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Blizzard Bag Day 1:

Living on your own can be very expensive and time consuming.  Today we will explore the demands of living on your own.

Part 1:  View the following video.  When you complete today's activities you will be asked questions regarding this video.

Part II:  Select a room that is shared by your family.  This could be your kitchen, bathroom or living room.  Write a list of everything that needs cleaning on a regular basis in a room such as the one you chose.  Write a second list of everything that you would need in order to make that happen (ex. toilet brush, cleaners, rags, etc.).  Use a website such as or Amazon to estimate the cost of your supplies.  How much would it cost you to be able to purchase the needed supplies?

Part III:  Now CLEAN THE ROOM!  Log your start time and stop time.  Bonus points for before and after picture/s.  (Make your families proud!)

How long did it take to complete?  How often does this room need cleaning?  How much time would this task require over the course of a month and year? 

Part IV:  Complete the survey.

Blizzard Bag Day 1 Survey

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