Child Development 2 Blizzard Bag Assignments

Blizzard Bag Day 1 

Research has shown that the young child's brain may not be ready to view and make sense of  video media and that in fact it may not be good for children under the age of 2 to be exposed to it.

View the above video so that you can answer the following questions.  Responses and the article below can be found and submitted  here or you may write the answers on paper and bring them to class tomorrow.

1.  Describe what the narrator means by the "fetal brain".
2.  The narrator says there are three necessary parts to building a child's brain.  Identify the parts and explain the importance of each part.
3.  Explain what we currently know about the effects of "baby computer programs" and the claims that they make a child smarter.
4.  How do books and music build the young child's brain?
5.  What does the speaker mean when he says he "uses television as great art"?
6.  Why do you think it is important for children to learn to budget television viewing time?
7.  What are the final 2 recommendations made by the narrator and why are they important?

Now read:

8.  Explain where the video and the article agree and disagree.

9.  Now what about you?  Do you think that parents should limit the amount of time their children watch television and videos? Why or why not?

10.  Do you feel your television time has impacted your life?

Submit the google form during our blizzard bag day or bring them to class tomorrow.

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