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Welcome to the 1st blizzard bag day of the 2016-2017 school year!

Due to the timing of this snow day we will not have a traditional blizzard bag.  Instead, I provided you with an extensive review packet yesterday.  This will be in place of our review day activities that would have been our means to prepare for the final exam.  This review packet is NOT optional.  It is your blizzard bag and will be passed in tomorrow (Wednesday) for credit towards your quarter 2 grade.  Also, if you have any remaining components for the grill off, please complete them  (menu description, labels, recipe directions, etc.).  Last but not least, if you have any lingering missing work, get it done!  Mother nature just gave you a little gift of time.  Make your family meal, send me the evidence write up and get your rubric signed (even a note from a parent if you lost your paper), finish up components to the Supertracker project.  Getting missing work in will boost your grade more than you think. If you have everything handed in there will be a bonus lab available to you, otherwise you will be finishing up missing work on the bonus lab day.   

Everyone:  bring in your Foods folders tomorrow!

Schedule for the remainder of the quarter:

Tuesday:  Blizzard Bag Review Packet, missing work completion
Wednesday:  Grill Off!
Thursday:  A and B block written final exam /  D block bonus lab (if you have no zeros)
Friday:  D block written final exam / A and B block bonus lab (if you have no zeros)
Monday:  Kitchen clean-up / Baked Alaska!

Review sheets can be accessed here if you were absent yesterday.  Please make a copy and either print or complete and Google-share with me.


Supertracker Part 1:

Go to:

Supertracker Part 2:

Use the following website to find the answers to the webquest paper sheet provided.

Hello!  Please view the following video and describe, in your folder in the "Prompt 16" spot, 5 things that you learned in the video.  While this might be a silly video, how many ways might you be getting hidden sugars?

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