Clothing & Textiles - Blizzard Bag Day 1

Wardrobe Organization and Community Engagement

  1. Take a picture of the contents of your closet or bureau (take a “before” picture)**.

  1. Organize your closet or bureau according to type of clothing (pants, short-sleeved shirts, long-sleeved, etc.), color, or another method of your choosing.  As you are going through your closet or bureau, set aside any clothing that is either damaged to the point where it can’t be worn or no longer fits you.  

  1. Any clothes that do not fit, bag up to pass along to a younger sibling or to give to away to someone who can use the items.  If you don’t have someone that your family would like to give to, bring in the clothing and we will make a classroom collection box that will be donated to families in need.

  1. Take an “after” picture of your closet or bureau and share the photos with me.  They can be put into a google slideshow and shared with me, e-mailed to me or if either of those two things are not possible, you can show me in class on your phone. 

**If you have no method for taking photos or sharing photos, please write a two paragraph document describing your process.  What was the state of your wardrobe before you organized?  How did the process go?  What is the state of your wardrobe now?  Do you think having it organized will change anything for you?

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